In house Graphic Design

“To develop fashionable print artworks, sketch, packaging solutions, catalogs. Fashion Design to develop as per customer required collections, mood boards, concepts DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT.”
In House Print And Embroidery

How we Can help you with our Expert Consulting

Strong products section with highly qualified print master, color master, 24 feet wide glass table, screen development camera, heat transfer machine, to be able to produce own pigment, rubber, transfer, photo print , allover print flock and sequence prints with enough capacity to ensure to cover the daily needs from sample house.

Here with we are now able to support our clients with Sales man

samples in a short time frame, in original fabrics, colors, quality.

In House Sample Section

With two pattern master for perfect patterns and fittings as well calculation of costings, 15 sample makers with more than 8 years of experience, operators recruited from brand factories specialized on woven as well as knit styles.
With around 36 different machines, to cover all important production steps in house, including padding, button holes, flat locks, double and four needle stitches, Highly professional steam table for the best finishing of the sample before sending it out to our clients .